Langton Green Primary School is a fantastic place for children to learn, as our children and parents all know, and this was endorsed by the Ofsted team who visited us in summer 2012.

This success was achieved by the vision, creativity and sheer hard work of all staff; to sustain this and remain a great place for children requires that creativity and work to continue.

The rôle of the Governing Body is to support and encourage continuing development and improvement within the school – by challenging the management team, recognising success beyond the statutory constraints of Ofsted, and making our school a place where staff love to teach and children love to learn.

If you would like to know more about the work of the Governing Body, or think you might be interested in becoming a Governor, please let Mr Cornelius or one of the other Governors know.


Mark Gamble, Chair of the Governors, February 2016


Members of the Achievement and Learning Committee hard at work!

 Langton Green Governors March 2016

The governors fulfill their function through the termly meetings of the 'Full Governing Body', the regular meetings of the three operational committees, regular governor visits to the school and ad hoc meetings to deal with non routine matters.

Achievement and Learning Committee (Chair: Katrina Lyle) is as the name suggests focussed on the outcomes for pupils in terms of both achievement and progress and interacts with staff to be involved with current developments in teaching. This committee is responsible for understanding the Governments performance data for our children.

Leadership and Management Committee (Chair: Sam Stillman) is principally involved with school management and organisation, employment and performance matters. It has a further small committee that reviews Headteacher performance as well.

Resources Committee (Chair: Philip Watkins) looks at all Financial matters such as budgeting and monitoring, also those relating to the buildings and grounds, such as maintenance and any minor capital projects.

The Full Governing Body is ultimately responsible for School performance and Financial probity and is run with constant regard to the standards set out by Ofsted. In practical terms, it is the forum where key matters from the Committees are shared,and if of over-riding concern, discussed further. In addition the HeadTeacher reports on current school performance and progress against the Schools Development Plan. 

Name / Role:

Start date:

End date:

Date Business Interest Form Completed:

Personal Business Interests:

Spouse's Business Interests:

Any other declaration (eg. Governorship at another school, relationship to staff member):

Appointed by:


LA Governor:




Mike Tunnell



14.11.16  Nil Nil  Nil  KCC

Parent Governors:




Philip Watkins



  14.11.16  Nil  Nil  Chair, Education and Skills Committee, British Plastics Federation and Director, Cogent Skills Parent Governor election process

Katrina Lyle



  14.11.16 Director of finance consultancy Director of IT and Business Infrastructure consultancy    Parent Governor election process

HT Governor:




Alex Cornelius



  14.11.16  Nil  Nil  Nil N/A

Staff Governor:




Katie Harris



14.12.16  Nil  Nil   Nil  Staff Governor election process

Co-opted Governors:




Mark Gamble (Chair)



  14.11.16  Nil  Nil  Nil FGB

Keith Fuller



  14.11.16  Nil  Nil  Nil FGB

Jan Murphy (Vice Chair)



  14.11.16  Nil  Nil  Nil FGB

Sam Stillman



  14.11.16  Nil  Nil  Nil FGB

Rachel Adkin



14.11.16 Nil Nil Nil FGB










 Full Governing Body Meeting Attendance

Y = present

N = not present

N/A = was not a member of the GB or Committee at the time of the meeting.

Name 9/11/15 7/3/16 9/5/16 Nov 16
Alex Cornelius Y Y Y Y
Mark Gamble Y Y Y Y
Rachel Adkin Y Y N Y
Jan Murphy Y Y Y N
Keith Fuller N Y Y Y
Sam Stillman Y Y Y Y
Katrina Lyle N Y Y Y
Philip Watkins Y Y Y N
Dan Gillinder Y Y Y N/A
Linda Mortley N/A N/A Y N
Mike Tunnell Y Y



Leadership and Management Committee Attendance

  7/10/15  5/11/15 11/1/16 25/2/16 28/4/16   
Alex Cornelius  Y Y Y  Y  
 Mark Gamble Y Y Y  
 Philip Watkins Y Y Y  
 Sam Stillman Y Y Y  
 Mike Tunnell  Y Y Y  
 Jan Murphy N/A  N/A N/A Y  
Keith Fuller  N/A N/A  Y Y  

Resources Committee Attendance

  5/11/15 3/3/16  5/5/16  
Alex Cornelius  Y  Y Y  
 Mark Gamble Y  
 Philip Watkins Y  
Mike Tunnell  N  
 Katrina Lyle Y  
Dan Gillinder  Y  
Sam Stillman  Y  

Achievement & Learning Committee Attendance

  2/11/15 1/2/16 18/04/16 18/07/16 13/10/16
Katrina Lyle N/A Y Y Y Y
Linda Mortley N/A N/A N/A Y Y
Alex Cornelius Y Y Y Y Y
Mark Gamble Y Y N N Y
Philip Watkins Y Y Y N N
Keith Fuller N/A N/A N/A Y N
Jan Murphy N/A N/A Y Y N
Rachel Adkin Y Y Y Y N