The Computing curriculum at Langton Green is divided into 3 main strands: Computer Science, Digital Literacy and Information Technology. Through these strands children develop knowledge and key vocabulary, make links, explain how things work, create and explore using a range of technologies. We have a dedicated ICT suite, a bank of laptops and I pads and a range of other school resources including cameras and programmable robots.

Computer Science (mainly Programming and Coding) is taught discretely and the main resource used is Espresso Coding, we also use programmable Lego and Roamers, the Kent Tracking Statements are used to assess understanding in KS1, Lower and Upper KS2.

Digital Literacy (mainly Online Safety and using Online Technology) is taught in a range of ways - discretely, as part of all lessons when technology is being used and in special events like E-Safety week. We use the Kent Digital Literacy Scheme of Work. We have also set up a group of E-Safety Ambassadors - children in Upper KS2 who have been trained to be good role models and to support teachers, pupils and parents in the teaching of keeping safe online.

Information Technology (mainly using Technology purposefully to create, present and evaluate digital content) is embedded through subject teaching, taught discretely where needed and explored through our Creative Curriculum and Independent Learning Activities. We use a wide range of resources to enable this learning including Discovery Education Espresso, PurpleMash, Microsoft Office and online resources. We use the Kent Tracking Statements to ensure coverage and assess understanding in KS1, Lower and Upped KS2.

Early Years/Reception

Technology is used daily throughout the Early Years at our school. The children use hardware and age-appropriate software. In child initiated learning the children have the opportunity to use interactive whiteboards, desktop computer and I pads. They also use electrical devices, such as cameras and programmable toys, such as Beebots. We also have listening stations for the children to independently access during the day. In reception we use the ICT suite once a week where we follow a yearly plan to teach the children skills such as mouse control and how to log onto age appropriate resources.


Computer Science KS1

Kent Digital Literacy scheme of work - see p1

Lower KS2

Computer Science lower KS2

Kent Digital Literacy scheme of work - see p3

Upper KS2

Computer Science upper KS2

Kent Digital Literacy scheme of work - see p5