House System & Points

At Langton Green School, children in all classes can earn House Points as recognition for a good deed.

We have 3 Houses, each with a colour denomination, named after famous castles/buildings - Windsor (green), Caernarvon (red) and Buckingham (blue).

Each child is allocated a House on arrival and family ties are respected so siblings are in the same House (this leads to exciting competition on Sports Day as some parents and older siblings have strong ties to "their" House!).

Each year, the children in Year 6 can nominate themselves for House Captain. The candidates present a rousing speech in support of their nomination in a special assembly at the start of the new school year. All children then vote for the girl and boy of their choice in their House, and the winners become House Captains for the year. This post involves representing the school at events, supporting others in the quest for achievement and being the best that they can be in all areas (not just in sport).They collect House Points and share them in a weekly assembly where the House with the most points is celebrated and presented with the House Cup.

The children wear PE tops with a colour band representing their House and at the end of the year House Captains will organise Inter-House events.

On Sports Day the children compete individually and in their Houses and a special cup is presented to the winning House at the end of a fun day.

House Points Running Totals: