Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 


 Year 2L is taught by Miss Rachel Line

Year 2O is taught by Miss Kezia O'Kane 


Year 2 love learning! Our learning journey this term is based on ‘Frozen Worlds.’ We have learnt all about animals that live in the North and South Pole with particular focus on penguins. We even learnt a song about them and sang it in our class assembly (see link). During ‘igloo week’ the children built snow palaces and igloos using marshmallows and mixed media. We wrote descriptions about frozen magical worlds and even made necklaces out of clay! All inspired by the book ‘Immi’ by Karen Littlewood.  We then had ‘explorers week’ where we learnt about the impressive expedition to the Antarctic! 


We have Forest School every Friday with Mr Gillinder. Every week is an adventure, as we set off into the forest, learning skills that you wouldn’t be able to in the classroom! Recently, we have been learning how to build dens and how to make a fire. We get to collaborate, explore and be creative with the natural tools around us. Our favourite activity recently involved building tiny little homes (for fairies) out of leaves, twigs and string. We get to drink hot chocolate with marshmallows whilst we sit around the camp fire. We have to collect the correct sized sticks beforehand though!


October is 'Black History Month'. We have been learning about inspirational people including Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks. During this month, we had a special visitor form Kenya who told us all about what it is like to live there! We also learnt how to do some African Dancing from a Ugandan instructor and had a go at African music using 'djembe drums'. 


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