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4T is taught by Mrs Thorpe, 4NM by Miss Newton-May

The year 4 classes are very happy and enthusiastic learners.

Year 4, Terms 3 & 4

Year 4’s learning journey for terms three and four is ‘Raiders and Invaders’.

Our Stunning Start

We role-played being invaders and 4N-M invaded class 4T.

4N-M certainly looked very menacing and intimidating upon entering. However once they had explained their reasons for the invasion- (the reasons included the fact their homeland was flooded, the climate in England was favourable for growing crops and that they could help fight the Scots) the children decided to collaborate and co-operate with the invaders for a brighter future for them all.
We also learned that the Anglo-Saxons were expert weavers. We wove friendship bracelets using five threads- it was tricky but after great perseverance and resilience the children produced wonderful bracelets.

We also learned all about Viking longboats and produced a cover for our learning journey books using different techniques.

We are looking forward to welcoming the fantastic ‘History Man’ at the end of the month for a day full of interactive learning about the Anglo-Saxons. We are also having a ‘Viking’ film afternoon. We are completing our learning journey with a Viking themed day at Kent Life in March, where we will be dressing up in Viking costume and living as a Viking for a day! Finally we will be role-playing a Viking burial and setting fire to a Viking long ship.

Spring Term Topic - Year 4 Spring Term Topic Leaflet - Raiders & Invaders