Year Groups

Please look at year group pages to see what we have all been doing this term.

Most of our year groups are made up of two classes with about 30 children in each class. The year groups work closely together and we share our learning journeys each term.


Reception F taught by Miss Fisher

Reception H taught by Miss Hayward

Year 1

Year 1 H taught by Miss Howland

Year 1 Q taught by Miss Quigley

Year 2

Year 1 L taught by Miss Line

Year 1 O taught by Miss O'Kane

Year 3

Year 3 O taught by Mr Osborne

Year 3 S taught by Mrs Strongman

Year 4 (only one form in this year group)

Year 4 T taught by Mrs Thorpe

Year 5

Year 5 G taught by Mr Gillinder and Mrs Gillinder

Year 5SH taught by Mrs Strand and Mrs Harris

Year 6 (only one form in this year group)

Year 6 F taught by Miss Frazer