Information regarding the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19

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On Friday 20th March, all schools in England closed their doors to all pupils except those of critical workers who have no reasonable alternative. Langton Green continues to serve the local community as much as possible. Our wonderful team are remotely preparing resources and activities to support parents to educate their children from home and we are also using our social media accounts to share our own journeys of learning from home.

We are very appreciative of all of the positive messages of support and thanks that we have received over the last few weeks. These have kept our team going through what has been one of the most challenging times to be in education. We hope that all of our school community and their loved ones remain safe and well. Stay in contact with us and each other. We look forward to welcoming all our lovely pupils back to school again as soon as possible.

Please find below the full text of Mr Cornelius's message to parents regarding the closure:




It goes without saying that these are unprecedented times and everybody in our community will be feeling the strain at some level, whether it be emotional, economical or both. It is important to keep in our thoughts, those on the front line like doctors, nurses and police officers. They are doing their very best in impossible circumstances and deserve our love. As do those who selflessly keep ‘normality’ ticking along without ever bringing attention to themselves, the delivery drivers, the supermarket operators and those who kindly look after the elderly in our community.


Our dedicated and wonderful team will continue to work over the coming weeks as part of the response effort to support some of our children who have been identified by the Dfe as needing a school placement during the closures. Each and every member of staff has shown courage, kindness and worked hard to support all the children throughout the past few weeks. I cannot thank them enough.


Without being dismissive, I believe it is important to remember that what we see and hear, no matter how distressing, will eventually pass, although I know it doesn’t feel like it at this moment in time. Here in school, we are actively planning for the future, when we can all return to what we know best and continue creating alchemy in the only way we know how. I would like to personally thank all the parents for their kind messages over the past few days, they have meant so much to us and genuinely kept us going through some very bumpy moments. Please stay safe, look after one another and remember that we will all get through this together.


We will continue to update you as the landscape changes, please check out our Instagram/Twitter feed as well as the school website.


With much love

Alex Cornelius