Langton Green Primary School

Art at Langton

Art and music are key parts of life at LGPS. We share and celebrate art and music every day with the children as one element of providing them with cultural capital. We also work with local creatives as artists-in-residence to share the magic of the design process with our pupils.

Our artist in residence 2022-23

We are delighted to be working with a new artist in residence for the 2022-23 academic yea: Lauren Bouche.

Lauren is a sensory, abstract artist who loves to focus on creating a feeling and a mood. She does this by using her hands to make innovative marks on the canvas or surface. Lauren uses painting as a form of self-expression, to connect with herself and others, it’s a feeling, it’s in the moment, raw, spontaneous explosion of emotions across the canvas.

Lauren’s love of connecting with people has really come to the forefront in her recent work. She has become known for her expressive art and workshops. Capturing movement and shape through photography and film continues to inspire her to create large-scale pieces. More recently she has been working with the Prince’s Trust charity running programmes for young people. This is where her art and personality mix and ignite!

One of Lauren’s goals is to inspire and empower others to create together. Creativity encourages growth, self love and improves productivity, allows us to escape for a moment, this enables a way to express ourselves.  Creating art can be challenging in a good way, embraces who we are so we can share it with the world, this brings people together, helps the community to be closer and in-turn connect on a deeper level through expressive art.

You can see Lauren’s work here - LAUREN BOUCHE (@laurenbouche) • Instagram photos and videos


WYRD 2022

In the 2021-22 academic year, we were fortunate to collaborate with local artist Claire Luxton as our artist-in-residence. She worked with children across the school on a large-scale, immersive art installation titled WYRD. 

WYRD is a concept in Anglo-Saxon culture roughly corresponding to fate or personal destiny, exploring our whole school project of "What makes a memory?

Combining light, sound, projection, installation and colour, WYRD invited our whole local community to take a step outside of everyday life and experience a moment of the unknown.

WYRD (July 2022)

A series of photos of our school art installation from the summer of 2022, led by artist Claire Luxton.