The Principles of our School Curriculum

Underpinning our curriculum at Langton Green school are our core values:

Love to learn

Aspire to be the best we can be

Respect and kindness towards all

The central aim of our curriculum is to provide a learning experience for all which is of the highest quality, maximum enjoyment and creativity.

We aim to provide all of our pupils with an amazing education which prepares them for their next steps in life and beyond.

Our curriculum aims to be inclusive to ensure all pupils have equal opportunities to shine and grow on their own unique journeys.

The National curriculum will form part of our wider whole school curriculum. Our curriculum will be reflective of the interests and needs of our pupils and will reflect the local area. We will seek to widen the pupils understanding of the wider world whilst celebrating the wonders of our local area.

We set no boundaries on pupils achievements, all will be encouraged to aim to be the best they can personally be and we will support all pupils in reaching and exceeding their personal aspirations.

We will set aspirational targets for pupils and support them in meeting their goals. We will stretch and challenge all pupils in their learning.

We will plan a curriculum which builds in time for pupils to develop a deep and secure understanding. We will provide opportunities for pupils to master areas of our curriculum.

Planning will always be based on teachers assessment of next steps and pupil need, we will not slavishly follow a scheme of learning.

Our curriculum is enriched by providing children with as many sporting, music, and creative art opportunities as possible.

We will provide children with the opportunity to learn outside and all pupils will have access to our Forest School. The underpinning values and aims of Forests school education will filter through our entire curriculum

We will provide the children with a language of learning and enable them to develop skills of independence so that all can become life long learners and face what ever future challenges await them.

We will plan for a provide a curriculum which is creative, our learning journeys will infiltrate learning through all subjects and will engage and enthuse all.

We will provide opportunities for pupils learning and the learning journeys to be enriched through a wide range of visitors and planned visits and excursions.

We will celebrate our local area and all the beauty and history it has to offer whilst expanding our links with wider communities and worldwide wherever possible.

We will provide learning opportunities to develop pupils social, emotional, cultural and spiritual understanding beyond their own experiences including focussing on British values and celebrating Black history month each year.

The curriculum at Langton will be hands on, practical, exciting and relevant.

Staff will plan our curriculum based on current, up to date research.

Above all our curriculum will be engaging, challenging and ensure that all children want to learn more.