Equality and diversity

What gives you the right?

A whole school project for 2020/21

Every year at Langton we have a project with a common thread that runs through every year group and across the whole academic year. These have usually focussed on global social issues such as plastic pollution and climate change. Last year our project was “What makes us human?” but of course our exploration of this question was cut short by the pandemic.

For the 2020/21 academic year we are launching a project which will focus on civil rights, equality and the Black Lives Matter movement, which has been front and centre of world news over the last four months. This follows on from many of the points raised during last year’s project and will kick-start a conversation about equality and give us an opportunity to show our support for those affected.

The project will be used to enhance the teaching about civil rights and responsibilities which already takes place as part of our PSHCE and History curriculums. Children across the school will learn about human rights, their rights as a child living in Britain, and everyone’s responsibility to value the rights of others as much as we value our own.

Each year group will also be given their own particular area of focus which they will then look into in more detail. They will find out about the treatment of different minority groups, how this has changed over time and what else could be done to ensure everyone is treated equally. We hope to be able to display some of the work that children produce as part of this project around the school.

Our school staff will ensure that all conversations around these matters are managed carefully and sensitively. However, we want the children to engage with difficult questions and have a time and space within school to speak freely and openly. Some children may come home with questions or points they would like to discuss with you, and we would encourage you to, within reason, answer them openly and honestly. On the school website we have published a list of useful books and online resources for parents who would like some support discussing these matters with the children (https://www.langton-green-school.org/Resources/), but please get in touch with us if you would like any additional guidance.

During our period of remote learning, each year group is producing an assembly on the subject of our whole school project. Links to each of the assemblies can be found here: 

Langton Green Primary School - Virtual Events (langton-green-school.org)


 A Kid's Book About Racism, by Jelani Memory

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights