Langton Green Primary School


The Computing curriculum at Langton Green is mainly taught as a cross-curricular link to the topic of learning, including using iPads to research History related topics or using coding programs to create an animation of a story they are studying in English.

Computer Science is the understanding of coding, knowing that algorithms are a clear set of instructions. At Langton Green, we teach this skill in a variety of ways, relating to the topic if possible. As well as using coding programs such as Scratch Junior and Hopscotch, we also teach unplugged coding including making a jam sandwich.

Digital Literacy is using technology purposefully to create digital content. This taught in a range of ways such as using iPads to take photos, create stop motion animation and creating audio using the microphone. In KS2, the children are exposed to other input and output devices and begin to understand that the internet is a large network of computers.

E-Safety is a very important focus at Langton Green. We follow this motto:

Vodafone Foundation Digitial Parenting Magazine (download here)

Early Years/Reception

Technology is used daily throughout the Early Years at our school. The children use hardware and age-appropriate software. In child initiated learning the children have the opportunity to use interactive whiteboards, desktop computer and I pads. They also use electrical devices, such as cameras and programmable toys, such as Beebots. We also have listening stations for the children to independently access during the day.