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Joy Class is taught by Mrs Stanyer-Fisher

Kindness Class is taught by Miss Birch

Spring Term Topic: Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them (click here for topic leaflet)

Summer Term Topic: Ready! Steady! Grow! (click here for topic leaflet)


The Curriculum


At Langton Green, the Early Years Team strives to give each child a happy and positive start to their school life, fostering a deep love of learning through the development of the ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’. The ‘Characteristics of Effective Learnings’ fit under the following categories.

We have fun methods to introduce these skills to the children, such as stories with characters like ‘Hamid the Hedgehog’ who always has a go!

We strongly believe that children should learn through their play to develop in all seven areas of the curriculum:

We follow the children’s interests and plan broad topics based on these to ensure the children are highly engaged in their learning (more details of this term’s topic below). The topics may provide learning provocations or rich texts to inspire the children; however, the children are also free to follow their individual interests during child-initiated play. Adults work alongside the children to observe, challenge or support their learning as appropriate.

Adult-directed learning takes place in short carpet sessions or in small groups over a week, allowing us to focus directly on the children’s next steps. The children have a daily Phonics lesson for 20 minutes, where we follow the Letters and Sounds Programme, a fun, fast-paced and multi-sensory approach to Phonics.

The Learning Environment

Our learning environment has been developed to promote independence, communication and to encourage children to build positive relationships with each other. The learning environment extends to a rich outdoor area, which the children free-flow between, and that provides many memorable learning experiences.

Partnership with Parents

We aim to build a strong partnership with parents, using Tapestry to create personalised learning journals, which parents can easily access and add to as they are kept up-to-date on their child’s journey and progress through Reception.