French is taught from Year 2 to Year 6. Children are led in their learning by a specialist French teacher who brings the subject alive with drama and music.

We believe that it is of great importance for all people to master at least one other language. Our view is that learning a language should start early and that it should be fun. We have been offering French lessons for pupils in Years 3 to 6 for a considerable time now and, we begin French for Year 2 in the Summer term. 

Each class has a 40 minute French lesson once a week. In addition, all Key Stage 2 pupils attend a weekly assembly that is singing in French.  We sing a range of songs to reinforce vocabulary and topics taught in the lessons. Our lessons involve plenty of speaking and listening, and lots of opportunities to role play simple scenes.  We use various clips including BBC bite size.  Our oldest pupils, in Upper Key Stage 2, also do a small amount of writing and they begin to learn some grammar too.

Feedback about French lessons from the pupils - obtained through semi-structured small group interviews during our cyclical internal reviews - is extremely positive.

Our French teacher is Madame Kendon.  She studied French at university and she is a qualified primary teacher.

Once a week children attend a French assembly where they hear French spoken and sing French songs.