High Attaining Pupils

Provision for High Attaining Pupils at Langton Green School

We believe in the encouragement of excellence for all by fostering a stimulating and creative learning climate, enabling children to reach their full potential within the context of this school.  When considering the full range of abilities within the classroom, we recognise that some children will show exceptional ability or potential. 

We also recognise that not all children will be very able in all subjects, but may have a talent in one area.  We are also alert to the need to access a wide range of intelligences when identifying those high attaining children. We aim to provide challenge for our students, and an inspiring education that skills them for life.

In-Class Approaches





Use of questioning

Problem solving

Thinking skills

Interactive teaching styles

Role and use of assessment

Differentiated homework

Ability groups

Challenge within subject areas

Curriculum compacting

Out of Class Activities

Enrichment opportunities

Summer schools

School clubs

Arts weeks

Drama productions

Musical and sporting opportunities

Collaboration with other schools


Community links

Links with National Support Groups

Partnership with Parents

Proving advice/information

Home/school challenges