Music at Langton Green School

Resources for Music Assembly 3

In our third music assembly (which you can find the link for here) Mrs Rycroft discusses an online tool that you might wish to use to create your own music at home.

She also invites pupils to write their own lyrics for a piece of music that we have been listening to. Here is a printable sheet to help you fit your new words to the HELLO song

If you would like to share your new words please email them to for Mrs Rycroft.

Music provision at Langton

At Langton Green Primary School, we pride ourselves in offering an outstanding musical curriculum to all.  Children in every year group develop their performing, listening and composing skills in dedicated, specialist-led music lessons as well as being encouraged to take part in the large number of extracurricular clubs and performance opportunities.

Our extracurricular program currently includes two choirs, an orchestra, a brass band and three steel pan bands. Private instrumental lessons are also delivered by visiting specialists during school time.  We currently have students learning guitar, drums, piano, violin, harp, cello, clarinet, flute, trumpet, trombone and baritone horn.  More information on extracurricular music can be found here.

In addition to music lessons, children from years 1 to 6 take part in weekly 'singing assemblies', in which they are led by a music specialist in a wide range of songs from current pop music to traditional hymns.  A key goal of the Langton Green music curriculum is to expose students to a wide variety of styles in a way that will help them to appreciate musical variety, and all assemblies begin and end with students listening to a carefully curated programme of music chosen for this purpose.

In curriculum lessons, students develop their musicianship both as individuals and in groups, using their voices as well as instruments.  As they progress through the school, all students will receive instruction on percussion instruments, recorders, xylophones, ukuleles and keyboards. The curriculum for music, however, focuses not only on performance but also on critical listening and composing skills.  These are integrated with practical work to complete projects which are related as often as possible to topics about which the children are learning in their core lessons.

Special events throughout the year showcase the achievements of students both in their curriculum lessons and extracurricular ensembles.  Regular such events include the Summer Concert, Harvest Festival, Christmas Concert, Nativity and School Productions.  In addition to these, we take every opportunity to take part in music making in collaboration with other schools and within the wider community.