Wider Curriculum

We have set out the key objectives of each year group, building on and adding to the National Curriculum and the Target Tracker statements in a way that values the ethos and opportunities that are important to the Langton Green school community.

These statements have been formulated by the staff at Langton Green in reference to the National Curriculum, but also using staff knowledge and skills to work beyond the national curriculum.

Tier Two subjects are those encompassed by an over-arching ‘theme’ for the term. Teachers use these statements as a starting point for their long term planning and then conceive a ‘theme’ that can be used to link together different skills and knowledge from a range of subjects over the term. Long-term planning aims to achieve a balance of the curriculum subjects over the academic year, rather that each week or term.

Art curriculum overview

Computing curriculum overview

DT curriculum overview

Geography curriculum overview

History curriculum overview