Writing, Spelling and Handwriting


Children at Langton write to a very high standard and we are very proud of the high standard and presentation of our pupils’ work. Writing is published in each child’s learning journal which is shared on a termly basis with parents. We believe writing is of such caliber at Langton  because of the structures scaffolded approach we take to teaching writing and because children write based on ‘talk for writing’ and ‘real life’ experiences.

We teach English discretely but core texts linked to the current learning journey are always used as a basis to build the English planning. GPS is taught within the English lessons and also in discrete GPS lessons.


Standards of spelling have really improved at our school over the past few years. Pupils in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 are given spellings to learn at home each week. They are also shown exactly how to learn them through a Look, Cover, Read, Write, Check approach. We use a spelling scheme from yr 1 – yr 6 called ‘No Nonsense Spelling’ Year group spelling lists. All children have copies of their year group spelling lists in the front of their English books. These lists are use to support spellings and assess where and when spellings are used in the pupil’s writing.

National Curriculum Spelling lists


We feel it is important to support children to develop neat, attractive and consistent handwriting. Standards in handwriting are very high at our school. We teach pencil grip and cursive  handwriting from year R onwards. Short, focused handwriting sessions are taught on a regular basis. Handwriting has a high focus and a high status at our school. Children from year R to year 2 take home home handwriting on a daily basis.