Mr Alex Cornelius, Headteacher 

Newsletter 15                               Academic Year 2018-19                          21st June 2019

“When it rains, look for rainbows, when it’s dark, look for stars.” Oscar Wilde
We searched and searched for rainbows last Sunday and in our PTA team we found them. A huge thanks go to the PTA for organising and delivering another super Summer fair, despite the unseasonable weather! Down it poured, and the more it rained, the wider the smiles! Fencing was a particular favourite as were the steel pans and ukuleles. A total of approximately £3800 was raised, which will go towards a variety of school projects. Thanks must also go to Yvonne Smith for her organising, leading and inspiring the steel pans and stepping in to conduct the ukuleles.
Pace is gathering quickly this term and numerous events are on the horizon. The music concert was a magical success on Wednesday. With funding for schools dwindling and many schools not being able to provide basic music lessons, it was a privilege to witness so many talented musicians. Our brass band (of nearly thirty children) have grown in number and the sound was amazing. There were so many highlights and I would like to thank Mr. Roberts, our Music Lead for organising and coordinating the event. 
From music to sports, another area in which we, as a school, strive to be different and excel. With such a wide of sports on offer, including fencing, curling, tennis, rugby, athletics and even skiing at one point (!),  houses will be competing - Windsor, Caernarvon and Buckingham - on Wednesday at our sports day, for the coveted trophy of house champion! And the weather is set to be hot! Miss Henderson will be sending details, if she hasn’t already and we look forward to seeing parents there.
Finally, I sent a ParentMail a while ago regarding a special day organised on Tuesday 2nd July. ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ are coming in to run workshops for Years 4, 5 and 6, along with a school assembly. They will also be running a workshop for parents from 2:30pm. A number of parents have raised questions in the past with regards to how the school deals with any racist incidents and in fact how we celebrate diversity, so I was disappointed to find that very few parents have signed up for this. I appreciate this is a difficult time for some, as it is during the school day, however this is the only time they can offer and we were hoping, given the advance notice, that more people might be able to attend. Please register your interest with the office and I will make the decision next week as to whether we can still go ahead with the parent workshop. 
A small note about the end of the school day. Please can we remind parents that once children have been handed to whoever is taking them home, for safety reasons, we cannot allow children to be riding scooters on the playground; playing with footballs; or climbing trees. We want to make sure that this part of the day is safely executed, so please can I ask that once children have been collected they stay with their respective adult. Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this.
Have a great weekend. Enjoy the sunshine and prepare yourselves for what promises to be a fantastic sports week. Suncream, sun hats and plenty of water!


Mrs Harris

Head of School   

A message from the PTA


In order to continue to coordinate and deliver events and raise funds for the school, volunteers are much needed. We are holding a special evening on 11th July,  8-10pm in the school hall, where we will be explaining what the PTA is all about and how you could be a part of the team, in whatever capacity you are able. There will be Pimms! 


Year R Blackberry Farm


Blackberry Farm Visit The Reception children loved their first school trip to Blackberry Farm. The excitement started with the coach and the children sat chatting/singing all the way to the farm. When we arrived, they enjoyed seeing all the animals on the farm and riding on the tractor. The children also got the opportunity to stroke a rabbit, who the children were amused to learn was called Batman, and to feed the sheep and goats. The children were then thrilled to see the chicks that we had hatched in class in their new home. They had definitely settled in!  


After that it was the moment the children had been waiting for…LUNCH! The children then had time for a quick play on the playground. The inflatable pillow was a definite favourite. Before we knew it, it was time for the coach journey home, with a little less singing and little more sleeping. The children had a great day and were wonderful representatives of the school. 

Year 2 Ski Trip


Year 2 had a very exciting trip to Chatham Ski Centre this week to celebrate all their hard work and effort during their Secret Agent Training. 


Here is a super recount written by Ivy in 2P.


Yesterday, we went to Chatham Leisure Centre and did some skiing. We got there by a coach and on the coach I felt worried because I had never been skiing before. As we got there I saw a humongous slope and it made me feel more scared because I thought I was going from the top. The first thing we did was try our ski boots on. When the ski boots fitted right we put on the skis. When we got outside with our skis on, we walked up the slope but not to the top. We didn’t walk up the slope normally, we walked up it sideways! It was so much fun skiing for the first time. If I had the chance to go skiing again I definitely would go again but bring my family. I’m sure they will love it too. The hardest part was definitely walking up the slope. My favourite part was skiing, it was so much fun!  


Arts Festival


Florence took part in Gravesham Performing Arts Festival during half term, along with a few others from Langton Green. She has since come back to school and wowed us with her medals and trophies! We are so impressed she managed to come 1st with her ‘Mr Sun’ song and dance! This was out of nineteen people too which is remarkable! In addition, she came 1st again with her quartet character dance called ‘Fairies at the bottom of the Garden’. She also came 4th in her Ballet dance out of twenty people. It is clear Florence has an incredible talent for dance! Well done Florence, what a Superstar! 


Orchestra Work Shop

Last week our school orchestra joined over 100 primary school children from 8 schools in Tunbridge Wells to play in a huge orchestra at the Tunbridge Wells Primary Schools Orchestra Workshop, organised by the Tunbridge Wells Network of Primary School Music Teachers and supported by Kent Music and The Royal Tunbridge Wells Symphony Orchestra.  
This annual event,  conducted by Yvonne Smith, involves children who have been learning their instrument for over 12 months.  
The children were coached in sectionals for brass, woodwind, recorders, tuned percussion, untuned percussion and strings, before becoming one huge ensemble.  At the concert to parents they played the 'Enigma Variations' by Edward Elgar, (BBC Ten Pieces arrangement), ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams arranged by Cheryl Hooker-Blake and ‘Rock Around the Clock’ by Bill Haley. 
Over 150 friends and family came to listen to the concert after which many children stayed on to a ’try-out’ session where prospective pupils could meet peripatetic teachers in various instruments. 
Langton Green orchestra has 36 players from years 3 - 6 on everything from harps to French Horn, from trombones to triangles.  In addition, a few children visited the event from Year 3 and joined in with 2 of the pieces on their recorders. As you can see from the photos, Langton Green sent the largest number of children from any single school. They behaved beautifully and the music was of a really high standard.  Most importantly of all, they had a wonderful time making music in a huge ensemble. Many thanks to Mrs Rocks and Mrs Howard for accompanying us on the trip.   


Inter Schools Athletics Event Tonbridge School Monday 10th June


In monsoon conditions on Monday 10th June, Mr Adkin and Mrs Norman took twenty-two athletes to compete in an Inter Schools Athletics Event at Tonbridge School Running Track. The weather was awful!  The rain simply did not stop all day!  However, this did not impact on Langton’s team spirit and the athlete’s resilience.  They supported each other at every opportunity and every athlete tried their absolute best in the horrendous conditions and did Langton proud! Regrettably, there are no photos to accompany this article as the conditions were just too wet to brave taking a camera or an IPAD! 
Every team member had to compete in a running event, a throwing event and a jump event.  The running included events from 75m to 800m.  The throwing events included shot put, hammer and a howler.  The jumping events included a speed bounce, long jump and triple jump. 
The Year 3/4 Team came 5th out of 9 teams.  The Year 5/6 Team came 7th. The athletes that need to be congratulated are: Ben, David, Will, Gabriel, Luke, Emerson, Frederick, Jacob, Monty, Isaac, Samuel, Jon, Milly, Aleah, Annie, Olivia, Molly, Siena, Eloise, Maltilda, Eilidh, Millie  A special mention to the parents who also braved the weather too!  Thank you.


Early May Bank Holiday 2020


As you will be aware, the Early May Bank holiday for next year has been moved to  Friday 8th May 2020.  This is to coincide with VE Day, or Victory in Europe Day, which marks the end of World War Two. The holiday will form part of a three-day weekend of commemorative events throughout the country.


Key Stage 1 Pentathlon On Wednesday 19th June


Children in years 1 and 2 competing in the KS1 pentathlon at Tonbridge School. This was the first school event that the children had ever competed in and they did Langton Green proud. The children competed in a variety of events: long jump, javelin, chest push and 5 strides. The pentathlon ended in the 60 meter sprint. They cheered each other on and showed great sportsmanship. It was a great afternoon and we can’t wait to compete again next year!   


School Website


There is now a 'Useful Information' section on the school website where you can find details of holiday clubs and independent after school activities. This will be updated as and when we receive details of clubs, so please do keep an eye on it.


Plastic Education


At Langton Green Primary School we have been learning about plastic and how it is destroying our oceans. We have been working towards the bronze accreditation from the Plastic Education website and we just achieved it before half term! We hope to continue with this and maybe get Gold one day! We began by collecting all the plastic we use in a week at school. Amazingly, our plastic footprint was 2 and a half metres long and 1 metre wide! We are now beginning to recycle our crisp packets and are looking into changing our plastic milk cartons with plastic straws to glass pint bottles. We have also been making ecobricks! This is a scheme where you put all non-recyclable plastics into a plastic bottle. Once it has reached the correct weight, this can now be used for building houses, planters and even playgrounds! We hope to use the eco-bricks to create our own sensory garden for the field.
All the children have been taking part in lessons about plastic pollution. Even the year 1s have be writing letters to Greg Clark asking him to pick up our plastic recycling, as the council won’t pick up our plastic recycling from schools. Hopefully, we can educate our children and make Langton Green greener!


Evelina Childrens Hospital


On the 10th of May Langton green school was a riot of colour; the children had come to school in their brightest clothes to raise money for the Evelina children's hospital.  The 5 young leaders- Ella, Alice,  Annabel, Luke and Leo( who had recently had heart surgery) told the school in an assembly about the amazing work the hospital does for so many children and how they wanted to help such a worthy cause. The 5 children also arranged a cake sale at the end of the day. The total amount raised was £514 , an incredible amount.




Well done to Courage class for having the highest attendance for

week ending 24th May 2019. 



Year R – Joy 92.7%

Year R – Kindness  96.7%

Year 1 – Courage 98.3%

Year 1 – Hope  96.7%

Year 2 – Love 99.3%

Year 2 – Peace  95.0%

Year 3 – Curiosity  94.0%

Year 3 – Honesty  95.7%

Year 4 – Compassion 97.3%

Year 4 – Liberty 98.3%

Year 5 – Integrity 97.0%

Year 5 – Unity  99.3%

Year 6 – Pride  97.3%


  • 24th-28th June: Sports Week 
  • Wednesday 26th June: Sports Day 
  • Tuesday 2nd July: Racism Workshop for Parents, 2:15-3:15pm 
  • Tuesday 9th July: Year 5 Fabulous Finish Trip 
  • Wednesday 17th July: Year 2 Fabulous Finish Trip 
  • Thursday 18th July: Year 6 Production to Parents, 6pm 
  • Monday 22nd July: Year 6 Leavers Assembly, 9am 
  • Tuesday 23rd July: End of Term  

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