Mr Alex Cornelius, Headteacher 

Newsletter 8                               Academic Year 2018-19                          1st February 2019

“Questioning is the ability to organise our thinking

around what we don’t know.”


After a bitterly cold week and numerous bags of grit, it’s good to see an increase in temperature on the cards for next week. It was lovely to see all the children enjoying the snow on Friday - hopefully all the gloves returned home!


Already half term is on the horizon, but there are still two fully packed weeks of learning before then!


One of our priorities as a school this year (and last) has been the use of growth mindset theory. We have been researching how children use this as a vehicle to improve their learning and each week in assembly, we choose a different ‘super power’ to focus on for the week ahead. These super powers include: curiosity, enjoyment of learning, persevering, trying again and challenging ourselves, to name a few. These are displayed in the main hall if you wish to see them. Mrs Fisher is leading on this work and will be writing an article in the next newsletter.


For this week and next, we are focusing on the power of curiosity and in particular asking the right questions. As teachers, we carefully plan open ended questions (why? how? for example) to challenge the children’s thinking, based on Bloom’s taxonomy (if you have five minutes, it’s worth taking a look!). At home, you could use these questions whilst reading with your child. If you’d like a few tips on this, ask your child’s teacher who will be able to give you some age appropriate questions.


It was great to see another original idea for fundraising last week. Year 4 children organised a book sale to raise money for Porchlight.  You can read how much they raised later on in this newsletter.


On a final note, just a reminder that Mr Adkin is running a maths workshop for parents on Monday 4th February. I know that he has already sent an email to all parents. You are very welcome to join us – if you are bringing children there will be an adult to supervise them while the workshop is running. 

“Knowledge is having the right answer;

intelligence is asking the right question.”


Katie Harris

Head of School


Play times

Play times can be a great opportunity for children for creativity, fun and enjoyment. We attach great importance to ensuring that break and lunchtimes at our school offer children experiences that contribute to their social, physical and emotional health. We have several policies which outline our practices and procedures, including our playground and supervision policy. I’d like to take this opportunity to outline a few of the strategies we have in place.



When children are outside, staff supervision is organised so that we can sufficiently safeguard and supervise groups and individuals. Our team are trained to observe, initiate and manage friendship dynamics as well as deal with incidents which may involve first aid. All of our staff have basic first aid awareness and two of our staff are paediatric first aid trained.


Staff have radios to ensure swift responses and maximise efficiency of communication outside.

Our morning break times are staggered, with Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) having a separate break time to Key Stage 2 (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6). At lunch time, we have a rolling system so that some year groups are in having lunch in the hall, whilst others are outside. Reception children can play with their buddies at lunch if they wish and then at 1pm they have a separate bell to mark the end of their play time – for all other year groups this is 1:15pm. 


Children can use the playground equipment in zoned areas where equipment is provided; the outside classroom; and the field to play, provided they have suitable footwear. 


We also have additional strategies in place and are used if needed. For example, some of our staff may be directed to observe specific groups or individuals for a variety of reasons. This enables more detailed feedback to class teachers and the senior leadership team if there is a particular concern raised by pupils, staff or parents.



Children are supervised by staff in the hall - we encourage good table manners and conversation at the table, to foster good practice and make it a positive experience.


For three lunch times a week we offer a nurture group. The intention behind this is to provide a quiet space for children who wish to partake in calmer activities such as drawing, reading or playing board games because they space  or time to talk through an issue. This is run by Mrs Norman and Ms Brown, two very experienced teaching assistants.


Children can access this group by asking their class teacher for a green card and handing this on arrival to the group. This is a new initiative which children know about and so far it is having a very positive impact.


In addition to the above, there are numerous strategies in place to support well-being and involvement with our children as detailed in our behaviour, SEN and anti-bullying policies. For example, we offer 1:1 talk time with a suitable adult; this may include a walk or time with Bobby, our school dog.


If you have any questions about this please see your child’s class teacher or Key Phase Leader.


Porchlight Book Sale

Thank you for all your book donations and if you bought a book all the money has gone to the Porchlight Foundation.  We raised an amazing £92. Myself, Aleah and Amelie are very grateful.  Thank you so much.

 Leo Banfield (4C)


Meet the Governors

Parent Governor - Carol-Anne Squires – Co Opted

“I was appointed as a governor in 2018. I have two children at the school and I enjoy volunteering as a parent helper whenever I can. I sat on the school's PTA for three years and chaired for two years, during which time we delivered on our key objectives for school improvements. During this time, I developed a good relationship with the staff of the school and gained a greater understanding and appreciation of the challenges the school faces. As a governor, I sit on the Achievement and Learning Committee and I am the class link governor for year R. I also have a keen interest in how we promote overall well-being in teachers and pupils. My professional background is in running large scale business and IT programs. I did this as a Management Consultant across various industries in both the private and public sector for 8 years. I went on to work in a global investment bank for another 7 years delivering the top priority programs across Trading, Governance, Legal, Compliance, IT and Operations.”


Walking Bus Update

For those who don’t know or who have wondered what we are doing … the Walking Bus Team (thank you all) providing a ‘bus' on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, at 8.25am. Which allows parents to drop off children in the car park and get walked up to school allowing busy parents to get off to work etc. We are currently at full capacity on those days and are really keen to extend to cover more days and more children. To take more children on the existing days we need 1 more volunteer on each day. To launch a new day we need at least 2 new volunteers. It involves being at school at 8.20am dressed in a lovely tabard.. but you are done and free by 8.35am!  Getting involved is a great way for your children to get to know other children in different classes and years within the school, it provides a lovely warm fuzzy feeling of helping others out and hopefully means you can also use the bus on a day you need! So get in touch if you can help - especially if you are DBS checked by LGPS already! Ellie - 07932 729362 or



Well done to Love class for having the highest attendance for week ending 27th January 2019.





Year R – Joy


Year R – Kindness


Year 1 – Courage


Year 1 – Hope


Year 2 – Love


Year 2 – Peace


Year 3 – Curiosity


Year 3 – Honesty


Year 4 – Compassion


Year 4 – Liberty


Year 5 – Integrity


Year 5 – Unity


Year 6 – Pride


  • Monday 4th February: Parents Maths Workshop, 4-5pm
  • Friday 8th February: Year 4C Class Assembly, 9:15am
  • Week beginning 11th February: Auditions for the talent show will be this week
  • Friday 15th February: Year 3C Class Assembly, 9:15am
  • Friday 15th February: Year 5I Cake Sale in aid of UNICEF
  • Thursday 7th March: World Book Day (further details to follow)
  • Friday 8th March: Langton’s Got Talent Show, 9:30am
  • Tuesday 19th March: Parents Evening, 3:30pm-6pm
  • Thursday 20th March: Parents Evening, 5:00pm-7:30pm
  • Friday 5th April: Year 5I Cake in aid of PTA


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