After School Clubs

We offer a wide range of clubs and activities, which are popular and well-supported. Most clubs require a consent form to be signed by a parent, and some, like  running club require additional equipment or footwear to be brought in on the day. SCHOOL clubs are free of charge, but the others, like Steel Pans, Dance, Judo, mSporti Football and Samurai Sam, are fee-paying. Parent helpers are often needed, please let us know if you can spare some time to help!

After School Clubs At Langton Green School

September 2017




Run by


Collection Point




Y5 & 6


via office

Rec Gate

mSporti Football




07920 780983

Outside school office


Steel Pans

All Day

Y4, 5 & 6

Steel Beatz


Outside school office


Judo club



Steve Law

07957 101532 

Outside school office

Football Club


Y 3, 4, 5 & 6


Mr Ibbs via office

Rec Gate


Studio n Dance


Y2, 3, 4,5 & 6

Studio n Dance

07787 434162

Outside school office

Running Cub


Y3, 4,5 & 6


Mr Ibbs via office

Rec Gate


Samurai Sam



Prime Martial Arts

Outside school office

We ask that you wait outside the school to collect children; all of our club leaders say that children respond much better in clubs and classes if parents are not present. Every so often they will have 'watch week' which you will be invited to attend so you can watch. As a general rule, we have agreed that collection from outdoor clubs will be from the Recreation Ground gate, and that collection from indoor clubs will be from outside the school office. The exception to this is MSporti:  children should be collected from outside the school office.

Under 5's are the exception – safeguarding requirements mean that we must ask that parents remain on-site.

If a change of clothes is required, children will change in one of the classrooms or in the school hall. They will then be accompanied by the adult running the class either to the front of the school or to the Rec gate. Children being collected from the front of the school will need to remember to collect scooters / bicycles before exiting the school.

The Clubs and Activities listed below are all endorsed by the school. However, please be aware that the school premises are also used by other clubs and organisations for whom we are not responsible.

Football Club is run by the school and is for boys and girls in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. It  runs after school on Tuesdays from 3.25–4.15pm. Regular matches are played against local schools and there are plenty of opportunities to play in either an A or B team for these. Each year we take part in a number of cup competitions and fixtures against other local schools. 
For further details please speak to Mr Cole.

Netball Club is run by the school and takes place on Mondays after school from 3.25 – 4.25pm in the Autumn and Spring terms for boys and girls in Years 5 and 6. All are welcome. We play regular matches against local schools and take part in an inter-schools tournament. 
Mrs McCree and Mrs Charters run this club.

Running Club takes place after school on Thursday's and is run by Mr Ibbs. Children in Year 3 and upwards are welcome, and activities are organised to suit the abilities and ages of all. We are participating in the Tunbridge Wells District Primary Schools Cross Country League, which stages various races in the area between September and March.

Athletics Club this runs from April till July in place of running club for children in Year 4 and above. This is usually on a Friday after school from 3.25-4.25 pm and covers activities such as: sprinting, long distance running, jumping and throwing events. 

Steel Pans Bands We are lucky enough to have a complete set of full-sized steel pans at school. There are currently three Steel Pans Bands, ALL on a Tuesday. Beginners: Year 4 - meets 2.15-3.15pm. Intermediate: Year 5 - meets 3.20-4.20, and Senior: Year 6 - meets 12.15-1.00pm. Children welcome to join their age-appropriate band whether they have played before or not, so that they are with their friends.

The Steel Pans Bands perform at least once a term and can be heard at the summer fete. There is a fee for joining this club. There will be a performance for parents at the end of each term, whether in a concert or an assembly. For more information go to , where an application form can be downloaded.

MSporti football is an externally-run football club for children in Years R–4. It runs on Monday's from 3.25–4.25. They have a brand new website and booking system. Please visit The after school club link is

and all clubs are now ready to book.

Samurai Sam is an externally-run martial arts, fun and fitness club which covers ages groups 4-7 and 8-11. It runs in the school hall on Friday afternoons. For more details, please ask for a leaflet, visit or email:

Studio N Dance is an external club, run by Natalie Tovey.  It is held on Thursday afternoons from 3.25–4.25. It  is for all children from Year 2 upwards. For more information please email or call 07787 434162. A second club, for children aged 4-7, is held at the village hall on Friday afternoons. 

Langton Judo is an external club, run by Steve Law.  It is held on Wednesday afternoons from 3.30-4:15pm.  It is suitable for all ages (Year R-6). Form more information please email or call 01732 507725 or 07957 101532.