Langton Green Primary School

Remote Learning

Our school has remained very much open for learning throughout the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, albeit remotely for a large number of our children.

We also identify and provide places in school for a significant number of critical worker children and pupils who meet the government's criteria for "vulnerable". In challenging circumstances, every member of our team worked hard to ensure that the children received the very best we could deliver, whether they were in school or learning from home.

Our Virtual Classroom

In the event of a school closure, either due to a lockdown or due to shutting down a year group "bubble", our teachers will provide a mix of virtual lessons and remote learning tasks. Your child will require access to a device, preferably a desktop or laptop computer (most tablets will be sufficient, but a smart phone would not) in order to participate fully. If you require any support with technological resources please contact the school and we will do everything possible to support you.

Below is an outline of the virtual classroom timetable that we offered during the 2021 lockdown: (Please note that this is just an example and is subject to change and review at any time.)

Year group






Reception Phone calls "Live" lesson "Live" lesson "Live" lesson
Year One

"Live" lesson

"Live" lesson Phone calls "Live" lesson
Year Two "Live" lesson "Live" lesson "Live" lesson Phone calls
Year Three "Live" lesson "Live" lesson "Live" lesson Phone calls "Live" lesson
Year Four "Live" lesson Phone calls "Live" lesson "Live" lesson "Live" lesson
Year Five "Live" lesson Phone calls "Live" lesson "Live" lesson "Live" lesson
Year Six "Live" lesson "Live" lesson "Live" lesson Phone calls "Live" lesson
  • Pupils had tasks or activities to complete every day on Google Classroom (Tapestry for Reception). Teachers provided regular feedback on these tasks as well as producing frequent pre-recorded tutorials which were released via Google Classroom to support remote learning.
  • Pre-recorded whole-school assemblies were released each week as well. These were sent to all parents by email, but they can also be viewed on the Virtual Events page of our website.
  • All pupils in EYFS and KS1 received a phone call every week. KS2 teachers contacted selected pupils.

Guides and Guidance

More detailed information about our virtual classroom can be found here.

In order to fulfil our safeguarding obligations, GDPR requirements, the guidance set out by the DfE and our own Acceptable Use policy, we will be expecting the whole school community to follow a code of conduct whilst using technology in this way. We would kindly ask that you respect this code of conduct if we are required to use the virtual classroom.

Langton Green Primary School Virtual Classroom Code of Conduct

If you have not logged in to Google Classroom before, please follow the instructions which can be found below.

Below you will also find a series of step-by-step guides for using elements of the virtual classroom. Please contact the school by phone or by email if you or your child require any support with using the classroom.

Mental Health and Well-Being

We appreciate that home schooling is very challenging, particularly for parents who are also attempting to work from home and that not everyone has the luxury of being able to work closely with their child throughout the day. However, we know from experience the difference that even a small amount of learning at home can make once the children do eventually return to school. Therefore, please contact your child’s teacher via if you and your child need any support, encouragement or resources and we will be happy to help. All of your efforts to continue the children’s learning at home are much appreciated.

Times are tough right now and we recognise the challenges that this ongoing lockdown and learning from home can have on the mental health and well-being of the families in our school community. If you feel overwhelmed at all by any of the obstacles that you face at home, please get in touch with us here at school and we will do our best to help.

You can also find useful advice, information and resources via the website for the charity, Mind:

Other resources for learning from home:

The Oak National Academy is a government funded initiative to provide daily online lessons for all age groups of children. The BBC has also launched a similar series of daily lessons across all subjects and age groups.

You will find our own list of useful links and online resources on our Useful Links page.