Langton Green Primary School

School Houses

The pupils in our school are organised into three houses: Buckingham, Caernarfon and Windsor.

Our Year 6's have the opportunity to put themselves forward as "House Captain" at the beginning of the year and are elected by votes from all the pupils in their house across the school. The chosen House Captains form our Junior Leadership Team and they are regularly invited to contribute their ideas and vision for the school.

In every classroom, children are able to collect house points for their house, which are collected and tracked regularly by the House Captains throughout the year. Each term, the house currently in the lead is announced and rewarded.

The ultimate aim is to win the House Cup at the end of school year, which is awarded to the house who win the most house points in total over the year. Children also compete for and earn house points on school Sports Days, and we present the house who earns the most points on those days with our Sports Day Cup. 

 Sports Day Champions 2023

House Cup Champions 2023


House Captains:



Ella Riddle

Daniel Stickings

House Captains:



Jasmine Lawton

Logan May

House Captains:



Iona Jobber

Mattie Lloyd


Vice House Captains:



Vivi Bell

Isaac Gomersall

Vice House Captains:



Safia Chatuverdi

Ryan Ead

Vice House Captains:



Ethan Alwin

Nella Roome



House Point Competitions in previous years: 

After the COVID-19 pandemic, we rebooted our house point competition so that the sports day cup stood separately to the overall house point championship. 

House Cup

Sports Day Cup

2023 Caernarfon Buckingham
2022 Caernarfon Windsor
2021 Windsor Caernarfon
2020 (n/a) Buckingham
2019 (n/a) Caernarfon