Social Media

At LGPS we have been thinking about the ways in which we use technology to communicate with parents and families. We already use Tapestry and ParentMail to share messages and learning during the school day and we have been considering other ways to connect with our community. We have made the decision to establish a social media presence for the school as a way of communicating with parents and sharing some elements of school life more widely. It also provides us with a way of demonstrating to the children how to engage with social media and the online world in a safe and positive manner.  We are using both Instagram and Twitter. 



The Twitter feed also links directly to our school website and tweets will appear here on our “Social Media” page. By choosing to provide smaller, more frequent updates on these platforms, we have also decided that we will no longer publish our whole-school newsletter. These accounts will be operated by the senior leadership team and in accordance with our school Acceptable Use policy. Photos used on social media will not feature any recognisable images of individual pupils. This will help us to ensure that we respect everyone’s wishes in regards to photographic consent without making the process overly bureaucratic. The school hopes that providing occasional updates in this way will give you some insight into the daily life of the school that your child will be able to elaborate on when they come home.

We strongly encourage our school community to follow us on these platforms and would like to be able to engage meaningfully with our audience. However, we would like to remind parents that we expect social media to be used positively. If there are issues that you would like to discuss, a letter or an appointment with the school is still the best way to do this. In order to ensure that our social media presence remains professional and respectful, we will not respond to and will actively remove negative comments online. The use of social media will be monitored and regularly reviewed in school. Should we ever feel that the technology is having a detrimental effect on the safety and/or well-being of our pupils or staff, then it will be shut down immediately and without warning. Thank you for your support.