Staff & Pupil Well-being

A healthy, open-minded, well-rested, happy teacher makes the best kind of teacher, full of energy, love and enthusiasm for the job they do. Here at Langton Green, as part of our well-being project, we are on a mission to harness this attitude and distribute it throughout our staff and pupils. A good sense of well-being in schools is, we believe,  a fundamental prerequisite for productive, quality teaching and learning and happy, engaged children.  If we, as adults, do not practise a healthy attitude to our own mental wellbeing how are we to expect our children to?

With a great interest in Yoga and Mindfulness, Aimee Strongman, a Class 3 teacher, has taken to promoting a new culture by sending out “Positive Inspiration or ‘Inspo’” on a weekly basis. With a key focus on mindfulness techniques and an emphasis on changing negative habits into positive ones, she highlights certain types of activities that may help to ward off stress and evoke a better sense of well-being whilst at work. Aimee offers small, tangible tips and advice that can be easily woven into the working week to enable ownership of one’s own well-being in order to find that ‘balance’. She also runs a weekly Yoga club, open to all students and teachers, and practises yoga daily with her class helping them to cultivate their own positive attitude towards learning as well as increase their resilience, to better cope with exterior worries.

The school is also in the process of enhancing our staffroom, as part of the Well-being project, to capture the essence of the Danish concept “Hygge” (pronounced ‘hoo-gah’); a place or sense of happiness to be felt not explained. We hope to create a calming, constructive working space to relax, recuperate and recharge, before hitting the classrooms to inspire the next generation, promoting a culture of positive psychology for all.