Langton Green Primary School

Staff & Pupil Well-being

At Langton Green Primary School, we are committed to promoting positive well-being for all members of our school community.  

It is widely recognised that a child’s emotional health and well-being influences their cognitive development and learning, as well as their future mental health into adulthood. As a result, it is vital we support children’s emotional well-being and mental health early on. By talking about and embedding an understanding of mental health we are helping to improve well-being and supporting children’s progress. By encouraging children to talk about their feelings, emotions, thoughts and moods, we are equipping them with strategies to support their mental health in the future.  

How do we support children’s well-being at Langton Green?

  • By raising awareness of mental health and what it means. The whole school recognised World Mental Health Day (10th October) and raised money for Young Minds.
  • By rolling out the ‘5 ways to well-being’ across the school and sharing them with our parents. By focusing on each of these steps, the children will develop their own strategies that help them to keep their mind healthy. We want the children at Langton Green to understand what helps them to stay mentally healthy in the same way that they understand the ways to stay physically healthy.
  • Well-being assemblies (fortnightly). These may focus on one of the aspects of the ‘5 ways to well-being’ or be an opportunity for the class to explore a new well-being technique, for example yoga, breathing exercises or other mindfulness approaches.
  • By creating an environment and school ethos where children are encouraged to talk about their thought, feelings, moods and emotions. Each class has developed an individual way to encourage children to talk about their feelings and the children know who they can go to for support.
  • By providing additional support for children who may need it. This is done through our lunchtime nurture group, ‘Time to Talk’ sessions and mindfulness workshops.
  • By developing resilience in our learners. We equip our children with the ‘7 learning powers’ to help develop ways to become successful learners and to tackle challenges.

For more information about how you can support your child’s mental health follow the links below:

How do we support staff’s well-being at Langton Green?

Staff well-being is equally important to us at Langton Green. If we, as adults, do not practise a healthy attitude to our own mental well-being how can we expect children to? Ensuring staff well-being can only have a positive effect on the pupils we teach.

To promote staff well-being at Langton Green we think carefully about how we support teachers in managing their work-life balance. Our marking and feedback policy ensures that marking is manageable for teachers while still supporting children in developing their learning.

We also promote the ‘5 ways to well-being’ for our teachers, incorporating these within our CPD sessions or through our optional sessions run after school e.g. yoga.