Statutory Information

Every school must publish specific information on its website to comply with The School Information Regulations 2012.

  1. School contact details - see "Contact Us" page
  1. Admissions arrangements - see Admissions Policy
  2. Ofsted Reports - see "Ofsted Report June 2012" or Ofsted website
  3. Performance tables - see DfE's "School and College Performance Tables"
  4. Finance Accountability - see DfE's "Workforce and Finance Reporting" 
  5. Curriculum - we follow the National Curriculum. The National Curriculum can be viewed here: National Curriculum in England - Primary Curriculum. You can read more about the structure, aims and assessment of our curriculum from the 'Curriculum Overview' page of our website. We follow the "Letters and Sounds" Phonics programme in KS1 and Early Years. 
  6. Behaviour policy - see Behaviour Policy
  7. Complaints Policy - see Complaints Policy
  8. Pupil premium - see "Pupil Premium" page
  9. PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools - see "PE Funding" page
  10. Special Education Needs Report - see "SEN" page
  11. Governors Information and Duties - see "Governors" page
  12. Charging and Remissions Policy - see Charging Policy Summary and Charging and Remissions Policy
  13. Values and Ethos - see "Vision" and "British Values" pages, and "Our Values"
  14. Equality - Equality Policy Autumn 2020 Equality Objectives Included to be ratified by the FGB at next meeting (0.15 MB)
  15. Requests for copies - we will provide a paper copy of any of the information on this website free of charge.

COVID-19 Premium - COVID-19 Premium