Langton Green Primary School

Teacher Training

Langton Green Primary School is always keen to support and work alongside prospective new teachers and share the magic of our profession.

We are always interested in supporting anyone in the early stages of their teaching career, whether through work experience placements, initial teaching training (ITT) students or the mentoring of early career teachers (ECTs). We also support other professional qualifications for working with children wherever possible.

If you are interested in training to work with children in some capacity, and would like to discuss the possibilities of completing some of your training or qualification at Langton Green, please contact us via the school office and our Induction and Mentoring lead will be in touch. We regret that we cannot always guarantee the opportunity to work together, but we can provide advice and guidance.

For teaching training and ECT mentoring, we are a partner school with Teach In Kent. For more information about Teach in Kent, please click the banner below: