School Travel Plan

What is a School Travel Plan?

A School Travel Plan promotes active, healthy, safe and sustainable travel to school. The main objectives of a School Travel Plan are to:

  • Improve health through encouraging active travel and reducing harmful emissions.
  • Improve the environment through reducing congestion, reducing pollution and CO2 emissions and improving facilities for walkers and cyclists.
  • Improve safety through highways engineering measures and increasing road safety education.
  • Improve access and opportunity by developing pupils' skills for safe and independent travel.

Why have a School Travel Plan?

Encouraging active travel at schools has a wide range on benefits, both for the school community, but also for the area around the school and for the whole city in terms of less traffic and congestion. The benefits of having an active School Travel Plan include :

For the pupils

  • Improving health and fitness by walking, scooting and cycling
  • Improving travel awareness and road user skills
  • Improving awareness of their surroundings

For the school

  • Improving safety around the school
  • Reducing congestion around the school
  • Establishing safer walking and cycling routes around the school
  • Contributing to other school policies such as Eco- Schools/Healthy Schools etc
  • Linking to the National Curriculum

 For parents

  • Reducing stress and time spent driving to school, especially when it is congested
  • Increasing quality parent/child contact time
  • Building better links with the school

For the local community

  • Improving the local environment by reducing air and noise pollution
  • Reducing congestion problems
  • Improving walking routes
  • Improving road safety

 Our Travel Plan 

Langton Green has a School Travel Plan, which can be viewed by request, and the current objectives are:

  • To promote greater safety for pedestrians by having a crossing patrol and reducing speed of motorists to 20mph.
  • To reduce the conflict between vehicles, pedestrians and residents by improving the parking facilities and changing the school entrance.
  • To work with Speldhurst Parish Council to campaign to reduce the speed limit to 20mph on Speldhurst Road.
  • To encourage more children and their parents to walk, scooter and cycle to school.
  • To set up a "Walking Bus" initially from the SPC car park.

Travel Plan Update February 2016

  • Our Cycle Shelter is now in its new position, securely inside the school gates, on a large concrete plinth allowing space in front of it for scooters and other bikes. Due to the extreme wet weather the access is not perfect and we plan to add more paving slabs around the edge of the plinth to help this, as the field dries this issue should alleviate naturally. We also have a new "Scooterpod" as extra scooter storage that Mr Larkin will install soon.
  • Unfortunately a bid to KCC for Capital Grant Funding to improve bike + scooter facilities etc was turned down.
  • Both the increase to the SPC car park and the change to the start of the day supervision (from 8.30am) and staggered end of the day times appear to have helped alleviate some of the parking congestion and the new pedestrian entrance gate is now in full use meaning that all parents and pupils access school through this gate at the start and end of the school day so traffic congestion on Lampington Row is greatly reduced (although not entirely). The pedestrian walkway from the car park has now been improved and extended as part of the build. The new gate is secure and is unlocked, re-locked and monitored by staff at the start and end of the day.
  • Reception children and parents continue to have their separate, secure entrance into the reception area, this is also closely monitored by staff at the start and end of the day.
  • We continue to remind parents frequently, through the weekly newsletter and Parent Mails, to use the SPC car park thoughtfully, drive and park with consideration and not to block the residents' access, parking issues on Lampington Row have decreased.
  • Katrina Lyle, one of our Governors, has been instrumental in trying to support SPC and the school in getting a speed restriction of 20mph on the Speldhurst Road but as yet this has not moved forward.
  • We are still in the process of recruiting a Road Crossing Patrol person once KCC has given us permission.
  • Before Christmas Year 3 and 4 attended the brilliant Road Safety Show, run by KCC at the Assembly Halls, this is a super, interactive teaching show and some of our children were even invited up onto the stage!
  • We have changed the timing of our Bikeability sessions for our Y6 pupils and have moved them to earlier in the year, in the Autumn term, so that pupils can ride their bikes to school more safely and for the first time we have signed up for all our Y4 children to take the Bikeability Level 1 Training which is a 2 hour playground based session, this will take place in March.
  • Year 5 and 6 have recently also had a brilliant educational show aimed at improving their road safety awareness and responsibility to support their transition to secondary school.
  • The build is now completed, although some areas remain fenced off including the Trim Trail which will be re-instated, this has decreased works traffic along Lampington Row. We have deliberately left some of the roadway that the builders used to access the field so that this gate can be used more effectively for vehicle access for example by the PTA for the Summer fete and by emergency vehicles, it also enables children to access the Pirate Ship play frame without going across the muddy field so will promote more space at playtimes once the Trim Trail is back in use and the fencing removed.
  • The staff car park has been extended and we have issued STAFF cards to be shown in car windows and continue to discourage parents from using and parking on Lampington Row itself. Safety has improved as parents and pupils no longer have to cross the car park entrance in order to access the building.
  • We have created a secure outdoor area in the old courtyard at the old front entrance for our KS1 children and Tate Fencing have just completed making that area secure.
  • We have heard that we KCC will be putting in some double yellow lines on the corner of the school to give the Refuse lorries better access.
  • The Governors will be investigating how to set up a walking bus (from the car park to the school gate only as we do not have a RCP) which will rely on parents running it. It would be good to set this up at the same time as promoting a walking to school initiative especially as the weather improves.

Alex Cornelilus, Headteacher