Langton Green Primary School

School Travel Plan

A School Travel Plan promotes active, healthy, safe and sustainable travel to school.

 The main objectives of a School Travel Plan are to:

  • Improve health through encouraging active travel and reducing harmful emissions.
  • Improve the environment through reducing congestion, reducing pollution and CO2 emissions and improving facilities for walkers and cyclists.
  • Improve safety through highways engineering measures and increasing road safety education.
  • Improve access and opportunity by developing pupils' skills for safe and independent travel.

Why have a School Travel Plan?

Encouraging active travel at schools has a wide range on benefits, both for the school community, but also for the area around the school and for the whole city in terms of less traffic and congestion. The benefits of having an active School Travel Plan include :

For the pupils

  • Improving health and fitness by walking, scooting and cycling
  • Improving travel awareness and road user skills
  • Improving awareness of their surroundings

For the school

  • Improving safety around the school
  • Reducing congestion around the school
  • Establishing safer walking and cycling routes around the school
  • Contributing to other school policies such as Eco- Schools/Healthy Schools etc
  • Linking to the National Curriculum

 For parents

  • Reducing stress and time spent driving to school, especially when it is congested
  • Increasing quality parent/child contact time
  • Building better links with the school

For the local community

  • Improving the local environment by reducing air and noise pollution
  • Reducing congestion problems
  • Improving walking routes
  • Improving road safety

 Our Travel Plan 

Langton Green has a School Travel Plan, which can be viewed by request, and the current objectives are:

  • To promote greater safety for pedestrians by having a crossing patrol and reducing speed of motorists to 20mph.
  • To reduce the conflict between vehicles, pedestrians and residents by improving the parking facilities.
  • To work with Speldhurst Parish Council to campaign to reduce the speed limit to 20mph on Speldhurst Road.
  • To encourage more children and their parents to walk, scooter and cycle to school.
  • To set up a "Walking Bus" initially from the SPC car park.