Langton Green Primary School

Video tutorials

During the school closure, our team of teachers produced video tutorials to accompany and support the remote learning.

Below are the links to the tutorials that were created:

Year One

Story 1 Pass It On by Sophy Henn 
Story 2 The Koala Who Could by Rachel Bright
Story 3 Pirate House Swap by Abie Longstaff

Year Two

Tutorial 1 Maths: Written addition and subtraction

Year Three

Times tables tutorial
Newspapers 1 - Introduction
Newspapers 2 - Interview
Newspapers 3 - Planning

Year Four

Mr Matthews attempting his own volcano:
Mrs Thorpe reading 'Mountain Dream': 
Maths tutorial on rounding
Maths tutorial on converting units of time
English tutorial on pronouns
English tutorial on expanded noun phrases
Maths tutorial on line graphs
Story -  "The Morning I Met A Whale"
Angles, triangles and quadrilaterals tutorial
This morning I met a whale part 2

Year Five

Year Five Rebels & Outlaws Stunning Start punk video:

Tutorial 1 Maths: Fractions & decimals
Tutorial 2 Maths: Equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages
Tutorial 3 Maths: Finding a fraction of an amount
Tutorial 4 Maths: Finding a percentage of an amount
Tutorial 5 Maths: Finding the whole
Tutorial 6 English: Sentence structure revision
Tutorial 7 Maths: Using fractions, percentages and decimals
Tutorial 8 Maths: Chunking for division
Tutorial 9 English: Identifying clauses
Tutorial 10 Maths: Using algebra

Tutorial 11 English: The Highwayman read by Mr Maynard

Year Six

Maths - Calculating interior angles
English - Subordinate clauses
Maths - Adding and subtracting fractions
Updated Y6 loo roll video
English - Shakespearean insult battle!
Y6 Mindfulness Podcast Part 1
Y6 Mindfulness Podcast Part 2