Video tutorials

During the school closure, our team of teachers produced video tutorials to accompany and support the remote learning.

Below are the links to the tutorials that were created:

Year One

Story 1 Pass It On by Sophy Henn 
Story 2 The Koala Who Could by Rachel Bright
Story 3 Pirate House Swap by Abie Longstaff

Year Two

Tutorial 1 Maths: Written addition and subtraction

Year Three

Times tables tutorial
Newspapers 1 - Introduction
Newspapers 2 - Interview
Newspapers 3 - Planning

Year Four

Mr Matthews attempting his own volcano:
Mrs Thorpe reading 'Mountain Dream': 
Maths tutorial on rounding
Maths tutorial on converting units of time
English tutorial on pronouns
English tutorial on expanded noun phrases
Maths tutorial on line graphs
Story -  "The Morning I Met A Whale"
Angles, triangles and quadrilaterals tutorial
This morning I met a whale part 2

Year Five

Year Five Rebels & Outlaws Stunning Start punk video:

Tutorial 1 Maths: Fractions & decimals
Tutorial 2 Maths: Equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages
Tutorial 3 Maths: Finding a fraction of an amount
Tutorial 4 Maths: Finding a percentage of an amount
Tutorial 5 Maths: Finding the whole
Tutorial 6 English: Sentence structure revision
Tutorial 7 Maths: Using fractions, percentages and decimals
Tutorial 8 Maths: Chunking for division
Tutorial 9 English: Identifying clauses
Tutorial 10 Maths: Using algebra

Tutorial 11 English: The Highwayman read by Mr Maynard

Year Six

Maths - Calculating interior angles
English - Subordinate clauses
Maths - Adding and subtracting fractions
Updated Y6 loo roll video
English - Shakespearean insult battle!
Y6 Mindfulness Podcast Part 1
Y6 Mindfulness Podcast Part 2