Langton Green Primary School

Vision & Values

The values of Langton Green Primary School are our Langton L.A.R.K.S:

Blue Bird Clip Art
  • Love for learning.
    • Aspire to be the very best we can be.
      • Respectful to others.
        • Kind to everybody.

These values are also reflected in our class names, which have each been selected to describe a quality that we hope to instil in our school community:

Joy. Kindness. Hope. Courage. Love. Peace. Curiosity. Honesty. Compassion. Liberty. Unity. Integrity. Pride. Honour.

We teach pupils about fundamental British values. You can read more about how we teach these values here

We also teach equality, diversity and inclusion through all of our core values. In the 2020-21 academic year, this was enshrined in a special whole-school project based on civil rights and citizenship, which now forms a central part of our curriculum in all year groups.  More information about this project is published on the website (click here), and there are also resources to support discussions parents may want to have with their children.

Langton Green Primary School Vision

  • For each and every child to sparkle and have a genuine love for learning.
  • To continue delivering a rich curriculum that gives all learners the best opportunities to explore the world around them.
  • That Langton is synonymous with a rigorous approach to developing the ‘whole child’.
  • For all teachers, new and established, to be consistently improving their practice.
  • To inspire and challenge all pupils.
  • For the outdoor learning environment to mirror the creativity within the classrooms.
  • For Forest School to continue being an integral part of our learning philosophy.

Impact of the vision

At Langton Green our aim for each child is to develop a lifelong love of learning and we encourage our pupils to learn through discovery, adventure and exploration. Best practice informs our teaching and we are known across the Tunbridge Wells area for the quality of delivery of our curriculum. Being a school set in the heart of the countryside, we are also committed to ensuring that our learning reflects our passion for the environment, which we take full advantage of through our inspirational Forest School sessions.

Closing the gap within all disadvantaged groups is a priority for us and we work hard to ensure that the strategies we put in place are ambitious for all pupils.

We want all to achieve their potential, no matter what background they come from.