Langton Green Primary School

World Book Day Story 2019

Below is the story that was written by each class in school for World Book Day 2019. The children created each part as it was passed around school throughout the day. The children had no idea what had been written by the previous class and the result was a funny and unlikely adventure.
At the end of the day, we shared our story in assembly. The children loved it.
A 'love of reading' is something we treasure here at Langton and a reminder that the Traveling book fair will be in school from Thursday 28th March to Tuesday 2nd April. Every book purchased means we get a contribution towards buying books for our school.


Once upon a time two friends called Hamid and Colin were shivering in their nearby park. So they decided to use their super pet fly car to journey to the desert. When they arrived they spotted a cave. They were so excited they skimmed speedily to the cave. As they ran, the jewel stars sparkled all around them! They were transported through, what appeared to be a portal! They found themselves…


Dangling from a branch of a giant Kapok tree in the Amazon Rainforest. Confused, Colin and Hamid looked at each other and then glanced down only to find that they were hanging above a 50ft cliff edge. Suddenly, they felt the car slipping through the branches.


“Shall we try and climb out?” whispered Colin. They peered out of the window cautiously and saw a fierce jaguar angrily advancing towards them…


The jaguar pounced! Hamid and Colin did the only thing they could think of and started to sing the ‘Power in me’ song they heard at Curiosity Class assembly. The jaguar immediately started to wildly air guitar and ran off into the Rainforest. Hamid and Colin parked the car and set off on foot into the rainforest. They saw lots of rainforest animals and eventually came to a river. They waded in but the water started to suck them down. Where will it take them?


Hamid and Colin tumbled down into ‘Lemur Land’ at Drusilla’s Zoo! A cheeky black lemur, stole a yummy, tasty banana from Hamid’s backpack! Hamid and Colin chased the lemur through a little hole into the big ocean! They saw a scary hammerhead shark! Colin and Hamid gasped! Luckily the shark was friendly.


“Would you like a ride?” the shark said in a deep voice.


“Yes please!” said Colin and Hamid excitedly. They jumped onto his back and zoomed off across the large ocean until they reached the North Pole. They jumped off the shark’s back and tumbled into an ice hole…


They popped back at Drusilla’s Zoo and ended up in the Meerkat enclosure! But, there were no Meerkats, they had escaped. Hamid and Colin went on a mission to find the Meerkats. They looked everywhere. Finally, Hamid and Colin gave up and went to the sweet shop. Hamid opened his jar of marshmallows and inside was… A MEERKAST! Then they fell into another portal…


Strangely, Hamid found himself alone, swirling through the air. His spikes were getting colder by the second. To his relief, he landed with a soft thud! He slowly opened his eyes and found himself surrounded by a frozen world. Slowly at first, then picking up speed, he began to roll. Over and over he went and, as he began to wonder when it would end, he came to a sudden halt. He looked down to see he was sitting on two flippery feet. He looked up and saw two shiny black eyes and a pointy beak. He was engulfed in warm, fluffy feathers.


“Hey Hamid!” shouted a familiar voice in the distance. He was thrilled to see Colin slipping and sliding towards him. The orange beak lowered towards Hamid.


“You’re not my baby!” puzzled the mummy Emperor Penguin.


“Is this what you’re looking for?” asked Colin, shaking out a big, white egg from between his humps.


“Oh thank you!” gushed the mummy. “My baby rolled away. I thought she’d rolled back but it turned out to be this prickly creature – I’ve never seen one of these before – or one of you for that matter!

“No, we’re not from round here.” Said the two friends. They said goodbye and trudged on through the snow…


As they continued on their Antarctic adventure they were shivering and cold. In the distance, on the icy horizon, they spotted an enormous shadow. It was getting closer and closer…at that moment, they realised it was a gigantic ship!


“Who could own such a magnificent ship?” Hamid asked puzzled. Colin thought for a second.


“I know!” he said. “It must belong to Ernest Shackleton.” As the ship approached they could see a waving figure on the deck.


“My, my, my. What on Earth are you doing here?” Colin called out to his long-lost friend, the polar explorer. The pair climbed on board the famous Endurance and set sail for their next destination…as the ship disappeared into the night, they waved goodbye to the frozen tundra.


As they puffed south, their ship slowly began to transform into a very narrow longboat. They were slowly woken up dreamily from their slumber by the sound of waves crashing against their ship.


When they reached Norway, they found themselves in the midst of a fearsome Viking raid! Colin lost Hamid while he was dancing for the Vikings.


“He’s so embarrassing!” Shouted Hamid as he ran towards a rusted, bronze helmet. He sprinted inside it and you will never guess what he found…


Thor’s Hammer!


They were both shocked because it meant that the mighty Thor was close by. Suddenly, Colin and Hamid heard a crack of thunder and the terrifying crash of a bolt of lightning. Emerging out of the gloom came Thor. He grabbed his hammer, started menacingly at Colin and Hamid and swiftly disappeared with a flash of light. Someone else emerged from the darkness, it was the god of mischief, Loki!


“Come with me on an adventure,” he whispered to Colin and Hamid, “I can show you amazing places.”

So Colin and Hamid followed Loki to a fjord and he left them to await their next adventure…


There was a blinding flash!


“Where are we now?” said Hamid.


“I think we are on holiday,” said Colin, “look at all this sand.”


Hamid looked around. “Where is the sea?” he questioned. “And what is that?”


The two friends looked at a large, golden, and triangular thingy in the distance.


“Let’s go and explore. Maybe they sell ice cream,” said Colin.


Hamid curled up into a ball and muttered, “I have a bad feeling about this.”


Colin began rolling Hamid towards the building in the distance. Thirty minutes later, the hedgehog and the camel arrived at the ice cream shop (or so they thought).


“It’s very dark in this shop,” said Colin. Hamid uncurled himself and looked around. BANG! The door closed behind them. Torches illuminated the darkness.


“Where’s the ice cream?” said Colin.


As light flooded the room, the contents became clear. It was filled with golden treasures of all shapes and sizes.


“What’s that?” said Hamid.


“It looks like a fridge!” shouted Colin.


As they both approached what they thought was an ice cream fridge, the detail on the fridge became more obvious. It was a person…


“Shall we open it?” asked Hamid.


Colin cautiously reached out a hoof to open the lid. As soon as he made contact with the ‘fridge’, a loud creaking sound echoed through the tomb. The floor beneath both Colin and Hamid gave way and the two were plunged into darkness once again.


Rubbing his bruised bottom, Colin’s eyes began to adjust to the gradually strengthening light. He felt a sharp pain in his hump and carefully removed Hamid with his teeth. He had impaled himself with his spikes!


“Sorry!” Hamid grovelled.


They straightened Hamid’s spikes and walked into the light. They emerged into what looked like a lavish palace. As Hamid and Colin made sense of their surroundings, they noticed statues of dragons, bronze pots and Oracle bones carved with Chinese characters, displayed in a great hall.


“Ancient China!” they chimed in unison.


“The Shang Dynasty to be precise.” Hamid added knowledgably.


Colin, a clumsy fellow, managed to trip over an enormous, unmissable ‘Ding’ (a bronze pot). Which made a loud ‘DONG!’ The noise alerted guards to the hall.


“Quick run!” shouted Hamid.


Sweating profusely, they ran through a large ornate door. Stumbling inside, their eyes widened in surprise. There was a strange aroma, which Hamid faintly recognised.


“This seems strangely familiar,” Colin muttered to himself, wandering around the year 6 classroom. Suddenly, they realised it was coffee and Colin delicately sipped from a mug belonging to Miss Frazer, whilst Hamid refused to drink. The hedgehog noticed fortune cookies and Colin hungrily at one until a piece of paper was revealed…


“The one who snores always falls asleep first,” he read. “Hamish - you snore!”


“I do not!” Hamid denied.


The friends made their way out onto the school playground. Pointing through the fence Hamid exclaimed, “Hey! That’s our park!”


Surprised that they had returned safely to where their journey had all begun, the two adventurers grinned from ear to ear. “This school is AMAZING!” they both agreed.